Best Tips When Visiting Disney World

Never been to Disney World before?  No worries, because we've got you covered.  This blog will be all about Disney - travel, what to pack, what to see, where to find tickets, plus all the information you might need if you're thinking about visiting Disney World.  It's a huge amusement park (if you didn't already know) full of wonderful and exciting attractions, rides and foods to try.  If you have young children, they will love it.  Even if you don't have children and are just looking for the happiest place on the planet, look no further than Disney World.

Here are some tips and information you might want to know before heading in:

  • There's a walkway from Disney's BoardWalk Inn to the Swan & Dolphin that connects Epcot to Hollywood Studios.  This walkway takes about a half hour.  That might be faster than traveling by car or bus between the two parks.
  • If you hate waiting in lines, read up on their website about their FastPass selections.  FastPass enables you to skip lines at rides, so you're able to save a ton of time waiting in lines.


  • Disney offers a free vacation planning DVD.  Grab one from them to better plan your Disney vacation.  It's a ton of fun and will get you super excited for your trip!
  • If you're feeling extremely over heated in the park, but can't find any shade, make your way to the Frogg Togg Chilly Pads.  They're a great way to keep cool under the sun.

Hope you found some of this information useful!  Stay tuned for our next blog post - everything you need to park for the best Disney vacation!